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Note: Prices and availability are subject to change without notice

WeekUnitList PriceDescriptionComments
11C$16,900 2-BED.
216B$13,000 2-BED.
316B$16,000 2-BED.
316C$14,900 2-BED.
2/316B$27,000 2-BEDSOLD AS PACKAGE
516A$26,000 2-BED.
63B$18,000 2-BED.
64C$20,500 2-BED.
69D$23,500 2-BED.
74C$20,500 2-BED.
712D$29,500 2-BED.
716B$25,900 2-BED.
89A$21,500 2-BED.
816B$25,900 2-BED.
114A$23,000 2-BED.
13/142B$38,000 2-BEDSOLD AS PACKAGE
149A$11,500 2-BED.
1416A$11,900 2-BED.
153B$10,500 2-BED.
153D$11,000 2-BED.
168A$10,000 2-BED.
168B$7,900 2-BED.
178B$7,600 2-BED.
179D$8,300 2-BED.
16/178B$15,000 2-BEDSOLD AS PACKAGE
193C$7,000 2-BED.
194D$3,200 2-BED.
198A$6,000 2-BED.
202A$4,500 2-BED.
203B$3,750 2-BED.
204C$3,000 2-BED.
208A$6,000 2-BED.
2016C$8,500 2-BED.
19/208A$11,500 2-BEDSOLD AS PACKAGE
219C$4,500 2-BED.
228B$2,995 2-BED.
242A$6,900 2-BED.
254D$5,000 2-BED.
258A$7,500 2-BED.
271A$8,000 2-BED.
278A$5,800 2-BED.
279B$6,400 2-BED.
294C$4,800 2-BED.
301A$6,500 2-BED.
304C$4,800 2-BED.
29/304C$9,000 2-BEDSOLD AS PACKAGE
324D$4,000 2-BED.
328C$7,000 2-BED.
328D$6,000 2-BED.
339B$7,500 2-BED.
341A$4,500 2-BED.
341B$3,500 2-BED.
342A$2,995 2-BED.
343A$2,995 2-BED.
343C$2,995 2-BED.
344D$2,995 2-BED.
348B$2,000 2-BED.
3410A$2,995 2-BED.
3412D$2,900 2-BED.
358C$2,500 2-BED.
3510B$2,800 2-BED.
3510D$2,700 2-BED.
3512C$1,900 2-BED.
362B$2,895 2-BED.
363A$2,995 2-BED.
363B$2,995 2-BED.
364A$2,995 2-BED.
363D$2,895 2-BED.
364D$2,995 2-BED.
369C$2,995 2-BED.
3614A$3,500 2-BED.
373A$2,995 2-BED.
373D$2,995 2-BED.
374A$2,995 2-BED.
374D$4,000 2-BED.
3710A$2,995 2-BED.
3711A$2,995 2-BED.
3711B$2,095 2-BED.
3711D$2,495 2-BED.
388A$3,500 2-BED.
3814A$4,000 2-BED.
3814B$3,500 2-BED.
403B$4,000 2-BED.
403D$2,800 2-BED.
408B$5,500 2-BED.
414C$4,250 2-BED.
4210B$6,000 2-BED.
4311B$6,300 2-BED.
443D$5,500 2-BED.
444C$4,500 2-BED.
4412B$7,000 2-BED.
468B$7,200 2-BED.
471B$6,300 2-BED.
484C$4,500 2-BED.
4812A$7,500 2-BED.
4912A$7,000 2-BED.
498B$5,600 2-BED.
48/4912A$13,500 2-BEDSOLD AS PACKAGE
503B$8,000 2-BED.
519A$23,000 2-BED.

Note: Prices and availability are subject to change without notice

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